Picture Gallery!

Before the show Preshow Cast Date Auction for charity Science Fiction Double Feature
Dammit Janet There's a light Time Warp Sweet Transvestite
Creation Sword of Damocles Hot Patootie Charles Atlas Reprise
Bedroom Scene Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch me Eddie's Teddy Floor Show

Photos by Chris Alvarez

Before the show
Audience at concessions

Kristie, Ed, Brian
"Gimme an R" Sal!
Costume Contest Winner

Cast Date Auction for charity
Anybody want to buy a Columbia? Diana, Will, Sal, Kristie
HOW MUCH?!? Diana, Sal
Can I interest you in a Rocky? Will, Sal
How about a Trixie? Kristie, Sal

Science Fiction Double Feature
Trixie! Kristie
Lips! Kristie

Dammit Janet
"Well, I guess we really did it!" Briton, Adam, Kat, Ricky
"Why Ralph himself, he'll be in line for a promotion..." Adam, Cindy
"I've got something to say" Cindy, Adam
"So please don't tell me to can it..." Cindy, Adam
"The road was long but I ran it" Cindy, Wendy, Adam, Jason

There's a light
"Over at the Frankenstein Place" Cindy, Adam

Time Warp
"It's just a jump to the left..." Wendy, Jason, Thelma, Nikki, Briton
"...and then a step to the ri-i-i-ight!" Thelma, Nikki, Briton, Bill
"I see all" Ed, Jannie, Cindy, Adam
"Time meant nothing..." Ryan, Jamie, Ed, Tim, Jannie, Jason, Diana

Sweet Transvestite
"Say something!" Diana, Adam, Cindy
"How d'you do?" Jannie, Adam, Scott, Cindy
"I'm just a sweet transvestite" Scott
"Boom-chick-a-boom..." Scott, Diana
"...with blonde hair and a tan..." Diana, Jannie, Scott, Ed

"...let alone offer them...hospitality" Adam, Scott
"Throw open the switches..." Jannie, Scott, Diana
Spaceship Honeycomb Jannie, Scott, Diana

Sword of Damocles
"Hey Riff, give rocky some..." Scott, Jannie, Will, Ed, Diana
"...is hanging over my head" Will
"I'm dressed up with no place to go..." Diana, Will, Scott, Jannie, Ed
"sha-la-la-la-la, ain't no crime!" Diana, Ed, Jannie
"...ain't no crim...sha-la-la!" Diana, Ed, Will, Jannie

Hot Patootie
"Eddie!" Scott, Diana
"I used to go for a ride with a chick who'd go" Diana, Tom
Sidecars Diana, Tom
Love...Hate Tom

Charles Atlas Reprise
"Strut, kick, strut, kick" Diana, Scott, Will
"In just seven days..." Scott, Will

Bedroom Scene
"Brad, darling, come in" Cindy, Scott
"Don't...stop...don't...stop" Cindy, Scott
"Oh...Janet. Janet!" Diamond Dave, Scott
"There's no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure" Diamond Dave, Scott
"Coming!" Diamond Dave, Scott

Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch me
"If only..." Cindy
"Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me!" Traci, Jannie
"How did it happen?" Ed, Scott, Adam

Eddie's Teddy
"From the day he was born..." Randy
"...but he never caused her nothing but pain" Brian
"He was a low-down, cheap little punk!" Brian
"Everybody shoved him..." Diana
"...stay sane inside insanity..." Jamie, Diana

Floor Show
"...is my love of a certain dope" Adam, Cindy, Diana, Will
"I feel sexy" Adam, Cindy
"Help me, mommy!" Adam, Cindy
"Whatever happened to Fay Wray?" Scott